Topfer Stage 1 Lactana Organic (Bio) Infant Milk Formula (600g)

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Topfer Stage 1 Lactana Organic (Bio) Infant Milk Formula (600g)

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Click here for Preparation and Feeding Instructions for Topfer Stage 1 in English.

Lactana 1 Infant Milk from birth onwards with LC-PUFA and probiotics is the Gold Standard of organic baby formulas. The most sought after formula in Germany.

Lactana Bio 1 is suited as sole nutrition from birth if the baby is not being breastfed. Likewise, you can use it after you have stopped breastfeeding or if the baby is no longer sated using Lactana Bio Pre. Finally, Lactana Bio 1 caters to the special nutritional needs of your baby, meets the highest quality standards and is consistent with the latest findings in nutritional science.

  • Infant milk of best organic quality, produced in accordance with the standards of the EC Regulation on Organic Production

  • Valuable organic milk and other essential ingredients from organic farming

  • Contains valuable bifido cultures

  • Contains important long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids

  • No ingredients that contain gluten according to law

  • Simply prepare with boiled water

  • 600 g package


  • Is suitable as an exclusive formula-feed from birth onwards if a baby is not being breastfed or as supplement for babies not being fully breastfed.

  • Suitable for infants after breastfeeding.

  • Is satisfying and easily digestible.

  • Contains valuable organic milk and other ingredients from organic farming

  • Corresponds to the latest level of nutritional knowledge.

  • Contains valuable bifido cultures.

  • Contains important long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids.

  • Is gluten-free.

Expiration dates are far along in the future. Fast turnaround, freshest products!

All orders for just one box will now ship in a padded priority mail envelope and might receive some external damage. Rest assured your formula is safe in it's sealed pouch. If you don't want damage on your box please order two or more products as they ship in boxes. We must do this to keep the savings rolling on to you!

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Shipped in containers to us from Germany, no irradiation!

German Labeling straight from Germany! 


Skimmed milk*ˡ, whey powder* partly demineralized, vegetable oils* (Palmoil*2, Rapeseedoil*, Sunfloweroil*), maltodextrin*, Skimmed milk powder*1 , Mortierella alpina oil, fish oil,, calcium carbonate, potassium chloride, vitamin C, sodium chloride, vitamin E, bifidobacteria cultures (B.breve, B.bifidum, B.infantis, B.longum), iron lactate, zinc sulphate, niacin, calcium-D-pantothenate, copper sulphate, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, manganese sulphate, potassium iodate, folic acid, vitamin K, sodium selenate, vitamin D

*from organic origin

1 organic milk from allgäu

2 organic palm oil from sustainable cultivation

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  • 5
    Finding a formula that works!

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 17th 2016

    We had tried three other formulas on our baby with no luck- she was having stomach pains and crying during most meals. This one works! Our baby is so happy, and can't get enough!

  • 5
    Topfer Formula

    Posted by [email protected] on Dec 14th 2016

    My milk came in but I never could produce more than 4-6 oz. in a day. After my son lost too much weight we were forced to supplement. It's unclear whether he became really gassy after I started supplementing or he was always gassy but I could tell he was uncomfortable. It never caused him to cry but he wiggles and moved a lot to work out this gas. We began trying different formulas hoping to find one to minimize this as much as possible. We have tried Plum Organic, Earths best, Hollie goats milk and another USA brand for baby's with a milk allergy and the one he has responded to the best is the Topfer brand. i highly recommend this brand in your search for formula. Regardless, of your babies issues this brand is worth a shot.

  • 5
    Baby Loves It

    Posted by Ifeanyi Obiorah on Nov 8th 2016

    I have had to supplement with formula for my baby. She was given similac from the hospital and we also tried Earth's Best and Gerber. We observed that she was very gassy and her stools were hard. We switched to topfer 1 and she really loves it.

    Two things we observed about Topfer is that it fillls baby more like breastmilk does, unlike other formulas that tend to fill her for more extended periods. It also has a strong fish oil smell, which I guess is because of the omega 3. However, I don't smell it on baby.

  • 5
    Topfer finally

    Posted by Jim on Oct 4th 2016

    We've tried Holle (cow and goat), Lebenswert, Hipp, and have settled with Topfer as the best option for us. We have had the best results for our child, though believe any one of these options are by far more healthy than any other formula option.

  • 5
    Love it!!!

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 10th 2016

    This formula has been a lifesaver. My 7 month old baby was EBF. My supply dropped. I tried this on a whim after trying all US organic brands and baby having negative side effects with them all except this one. Her BM's still look like Breast milk stools, no skin irritation and no sign of any tummy issues. She drinks this formula very happily. Thanks organic munchkin!!!