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"I'm so happy I found Organic Start!"
Suzi D.

I'm so happy I found Organic Start! With my first daughter I really wanted to use HiPP or Holle but getting the formula from Europe seemed daunting and I felt I couldn't trust the source. Then when we had to give my second daughter formula (Similac, etc, we tried them all), she would scream in pain and was constipated and spit up a lot. It was so sad and as a mom felt so guilty that I couldn't give her what she needed. I wanted to go with the European formulas but was frustrated because they were so hard to get (especially because we live in Hawaii). When I ordered from Organic Start, they answered my emails promptly and the customer service was great! I'm on my fourth order now and my daughter is doing wonderful on HiPP!

"I highly recommend this site..."
Kelly R.

I have been purchasing Holle formula from Organic Start since I had my baby 6 months ago. After feeding her a US brand and dealing with a fussy, constipated baby, I decided to try Holle. Not only is the product far superior to any US formula, but the customer service from Organic Start is superb which makes buying easy. I've had several questions for their customer service team and Peter has always responded within minutes which is great when you have an want answers right away! They ship fast, have a great assortment, and send reminders about delayed shipping due to USPS being closed for holidays, etc. so you never worry about being without your product. I highly recommend this site and the Holle formula.

"Product exceeds your expectations so dramatically..."
Holly E.

It's rare when a product exceeds your expectations so dramatically...the "pre-Lebenswert" days of formula feeding were emotionally painful because my baby's body wasn't responding positively (speaking mostly about digestive issues) and I just had this gut feeling that the formula I was feeding her wasn't "breastmilk-like" quality. I tried all kinds of organic American formula and my house was filled with half filled bottles because she was rejecting it. My friends would say things like, "what do you expect, she's used to getting the GOOD stuff." If breastmilk=the good stuff, then formula=bad, right? I felt guilty and pissed off that her little body had to endure this from the formula I was feeding her. I obsessively searched sites on the Internet and found Organic Start and ordered my first box of Lebenswert. After 5 days of Lebenswert, everything was back on track with no more digestive issues and that guilty feeling was replaced by excitement and pride for finding such an amazing product! For all those guilty feeling Moms out there...these Holle/Hipp/Lebenswert formulas ARE the GOOD STUFF! Pat yourself on the back because you are choosing the "cream of the crop" of baby formulas! My sweet little girl is happy and healthy because of Lebenswert and I am eternally grateful for Organic Start!

"Awesome quality and customer commitment..."
Shilpy C.

My baby started refusing the breast at 2.5 months which led me to search for the best organic infant formula. After learning about the great European formulas, came across Organic Start and how highly rated it was by people as a source to get authentic German formulas. I sent a note to Peter right away, who to my surprise responded within hours. I was able to get my order of Lebenswert in 2 days. I immediately liked how similar to bm it was with way less foam and bad smell unlike the american counterparts. Unfortunately my little one was one of the few who had more spitup with it. Peter comes to rescue again and suggested we try Hipp based on his experience. And as always the new order was at my door in 2 days!! My son is doing really great on Hipp and I am very happy to have found Organic Start and the awesome quality and customer commitment they stand for. I will keep ordering from them and highly recommend their services to anyone in the market for organic formula. Thank you Organic Start!

"You guys are absolutely amazing!!"
Amber S.

You guys are absolutely amazing!! I was giving my daughter who was born 6 weeks early Enfacare by Enfamil. I didn't feel the greatest giving it to her, since I really wanted an organic formula and because I know US organic formula can be very sketchy. On the Enfamil...Her stools were very tarry and thick. She was also spitting up so hard that she would spit up through her nose, not be able to breath for a few seconds and just bawl her eyes out! It looked so painful when she'd spit up and it was scary!! =( So, I decided to try a new formula. I found your site and decided to order the Lebenswert stage 1 formula, since it was described as being one of the best by many parents. Since making the switch...she is just thriving!! Her stools look like a breastfeed baby's and she no longer spits up hard through her nose! She seems a lot happier! To have peace of mind knowing that I don't have to watch her every hour to make sure she doesn't spit up violently through her nose is fantastic! Orders always come in 2 days after placing them as well for me. Very quick shipping!! Thanks again.


"The formula at the hospital is garbage!"
Anna M.

We had some concerns early on in my pregnancy that my autoimmune illness would hurt my milk supply. So, we hired a Lactation consultant and she advised us to be prepared with a formula and be sure to have it with you at the hospital. We had no idea until then, that if my supply didn't come in we would be forced to feed our son whatever garbage formula they had at the hospital. Let me repeat that ... The formula at the hospital is garbage! ANYWAY... We went with HIPP and we have been extremely pleased with the service and overall experience working with Organic Start. We only wish you could keep it in stock but we understand the demand for the product makes that near impossible for now. I will never understand how the US gets away with what they call "organic"... Or how a country that spends so much money on crap, feeds their developing babies GMO, chemical and hormone filled formula! Thanks to Organic Start people like us have better options.

"Our son is much happier on this formula!"
Bharath W.

Tried American formula, it stained the burp cloth (almost Irreversibly!). No amount of washing could remove that stain. Got me to wonder if this formula could stain clothes this way, what is it doing to my LO's tummy! Researched extensively and found out that organic formulas from Europe are much better, and are actually organic to the source! Ordering formula from Europe is not as easy as it seems, plus there is always the worry of what will happen when the formula passes through X-Ray scanners. Organic Start came to the rescue. We found HiPP Stage PRE Organic (Bio) Combiotic Infant Milk Formula is sold by Organic Start and that most formula arrives free of irradiation from Europe. Shipping from NYC was USPS Priority fast. Our son is much happy on this formula, and so are the parents!

"I highly recommend giving Organic Start your business."
Joshua B.

TLDR: If you are looking for high-quality formula at a reasonable price along with GREAT customer service, I highly recommend giving Organic Start your business. I placed my first order with Organic Start on Dec. 30, 2015 and have been ordering from them consistently ever since. They offer high quality products, most of which are imported from Europe. The reason I prefer these products over, American brands such as Gerber, is because I know they are quality and not filled with cheap filler ingredients (corn/soy) that my LO doesn't need. I usually order HIPP brand because they source their milk from grass-fed cows over grain-fed and have a better process for extracting EPA and DHA than what is practiced in the States. With a higher price comes a higher cost but I don't mind. I typically spend around $50/container which contains 900 grams (about 2 lbs.) of formula. LO's stool look much more consistent to that of breast-milk stool, which is a plus versus other brands. Customer Service can be a difficult for some companies. However, that's not the case with Organic Start. I've had to contact them about an order in the past and I always receive a response within 24 hours, usually much sooner than that (2 hours). Peter has always been quick to respond and has been more than helpful to help resolve any issues. He even responds to feedback I suggest as a customer. Finally, they also offer a reward program, along with the occasional coupon, which gives discounts on future orders based on the amount of Start Points you've accumulated. I enjoy this very much since you get 1 point per $1 spent. At $160 a month in formula/food that adds up fairly quick.

"Organic Start has eased my anxiety..."
Darci H.

Organic Start has eased my anxiety about supplementing for my 3 month old daughter. I was heart-broken when I had to stop breastfeeding/pumping due to medical reasons. My husband and I spent hours searching for a formula that wouldn't cause our baby's tummy to hurt (she already had such a sensitive stomach). Once we settled on Holle, I still had 1,000 questions. Peter and his staff at Organic Start helped guide me through and settled my fears. Now we've been using Lebenswert (AMAZING) for about a month and I'm so happy! The customer service is amazing and my baby is SO happy on this formula. It's as if she's still on breastmilk - no change in digestion.

Thank you thank you thank you.

"I was so discouraged, until I found Organic Start!"
Victoria M.

I'm a first time mom in Canada, and had to go back to work when baby was 6mos... Organic formula was the only way I planned to go should I not be able to store enough breast milk for baby --- as this was the case, HiPP was the brand I wanted. And there are NO Canadian retailers who sell HiPP products! I was so discouraged, until I found Organic Start! Even though I have to pay extra to get it here, it has been well worth it b/c baby switches from formula to breast milk all the time with zero fuss! And her poops look 98% identical - no colic or gassy reactions! And that is worth the extra $$ and effort for a working-busy-worry-wart mom like me!

"I recommend them for anyone looking for high quality formula!"
Kim S.

My little one refused the breast after a stint in the NICU at birth and I exclusively pumped and was able to keep up with her until she hit 5 months, then her consumption surpassed me. One of my friends had used Holle formula for their little one a couple of years ago, and I wanted to do the same to supplement along with my pumped milk. However, they told me they'd had to order it shipped from Europe so I was quite pleased to find Organic Start's quick and free shipping! I'll be reordering when we need more, and I recommend them for anyone looking for high quality formula!

"I ordered and my baby is hooked!"
Kimberly W.

I exclusive breastfed my baby for 8 months. Unfortunately my milk supply dwindled and I needed to supplement. I was so sad that this was the case and began to research formula. I was a labor and delivery nurse for 11 years and the recommended formula at the hospital is popular store brands. I started to research the ingredients and decided they were far inferior to the Holle brand formula. I found Organic Start through a blog while doing my research. I ordered and my baby is hooked! I received my order in 2 business days!!! I tried the formula myself and it does not have the same metallic taste as store brands. I highly recommend Organic Start for your little Start!

"Organic Start has provided access to the best formulas..."
Nancy D.

Hands down Organic Start has provided access to the best formulas we have tried with our 3rd child. Having access to goat milk formula has been a huge relief as our daughter seemed to not do as well on cows milk based ones. She says doing much better, drinks her formula with no issue and (TMI I Know but...) her bowel movements are very much like breastmilk ones-THAT says a lot to us! By the way, Organic Starts customer service and helpfulness....truly very awesome, can't beat their prices and turn around time either!

"Excellent customer service... great experience every time."
Nicole S.

I am so glad I found Organic Start! I have supplemented my breastfed son with formula for several months and its important to me that it be as close to breast milk as possible, and the US formulas are disappointing in that regard (hello, corn syrup solids?!). I decided on HiPP and after struggling to find a site where I could reliably get it when I needed it, stumbled upon OM. Since then I've not ordered anywhere else because they are the best! Excellent customer service, and an all-around great experience every time. Thanks OM! :)

"My baby is doing great with this formula!"
Ashley N.

I am using Holle Stage 1 Infant Formula. I started my infant on this formula after 8 weeks due to low milk supply. I supplemented for 1-2 weeks with pumped breastmilk and now my infant drinks Holle formula exclusively. I ordered this formula after a friend recommended two different organic brands. I tried the other first, Holle second, and of course loved Holle the best! So far, my baby is doing great with this formula! I order from Organic Start and receive my shipment in two days!! I highly recommend both the Holle formula and Organic Start!!!

"Great price with great service"
Valerie N.

I'm so excited to find a US vendor for Holle formulas. They even carry the new formula with Lactase, which is what we use. Free shipping, extremely quick delivery, and friendly customer service keep me coming back to this company in particular. They've even posted pictures of their warehouse to prove authenticity as formula fraud is common among European formulas in the US. My son and I love Holle formula and I love Organic Start for supplying it at a great price with great service.

"I love Organic Start because..."
Agata K.

I love Organic Start because they ship my daughters formula the same day and I get it within 2 days or even next day. I love the fact that formula is not x rayed as it is shipped from Europe through conteners. The boxes are always top notch no bends nothing everything arrives nicely packed and best of all my daughter is doing great on Hipp formula. She loves it! It tastes like real milk doesn't smell like chemicals and is truly organic up to EU standards which higher then US. Thank you Organic Start!

"Thank you for all that you do!"
Krista S.

When my baby was 2 weeks old I found out that my milk supply was not sufficient for my baby's development. I was stressed out by the idea of feeding my baby American formula and was SO relieved when my sister, a licensed nutritionist, sent me a couple boxes of formula from Organic Start. In the 10 months since then, my daughter has had no issues with gas or baby acne (unlike with American formula). My husband and I are so glad to have been introduced to Organic Start! Thank you for all that you do!

"I immediately switched to Holle and a week later he was eating like a champion."
Bohdana F.

My baby boy was born prematurely at 29 weeks, he spent almost 4 months at the NICU mostly due to feeding issues and slow weight gain. Since birth I had to fortify breast milk with formula to give him extra calories. At the hospital they gave babies Similac and my poor baby did not want any of it. Once I finally got him home I immediately switched to Holle and a week later he was eating like a champion.

"So very happy with Organic Start!"
Tara C.

Love Organic Start! We supplement with Hipp HA and always order from them. Shipping is fast and Peter is always so helpful with any questions asked. We struggled to get my daughter to drink Similac Alimentum (yuck! don't blame her) and once we switched to Hipp HA she immediately sucked it down! I feel confident being able to trust the source of where our daughter's formula comes from. So very happy with Organic Start!

"It is amazing really and we are so happy!"
Karla S.

Our baby was so fussy and gassy on Similac non gmo formula so I switched to Lebenswert 1. It completely changed our lives! Her stomach used to get so hard and bloated and she would cry a lot on Similac:(! She also had trouble with constipation while on similac. After only one week on Lebenswert 1, she has no horrible symptoms of colic! It is amazing really and we are so happy! Organic Start delivered the product fast and for free!

"I am so happy to have found you guys!"
Liz P.

I am so happy to have found you guys! My little girl has an extremely sensitive tummy. We were needing to find a formula to supplement her breast milk but all of the "normal" American formulas made her sick. We tried the Hipp hypoallergenic formula and she can actually keep it down! I'm so happy! We have received excellent service from you when I had a million questions and our orders have always shipped fast. Thank you!

"Love Lebenswert from Organic Start!"
Kylie L.

Love purchasing Lebenswert from Organic Start! Great formula, great ingredients- baby loves it, mixes easily, smells good! Organic Start has great customer service and even responds to emails very quickly. I feel like I'm working with a local business (with great prices) every time I order- personally signed receipts and super fast shipment. Thank you for making me feel good about what I put into my little one.

"Thank you for what you do for all the parents and babies..."
Haley O.

I have placed two orders with Organic Start and have been so impressed! My orders are shipped quickly and it is a relief knowing that I can get exceptional quality formula for my baby quickly and easily! I plan on being a customer as long as my little one needs formula. Thank you, Organic Start, for what you do for all the parents and babies out there!

"I'm very happy with my purchase..."
Putu C.

Since I could not keep up with my baby's demand, I decided to supplement with Lebenswert instead of the Similac the hospital sent me home with. My baby loves the Lebenswert and has now rejected the Similac. My order was shipped promptly. I'm very happy with my purchase and the great service I received from Organic Start. Thank you :)

"Definitely will place more orders!"
Kelly-E H.

I have preemie twins, and one who lost half of his colon and small bowel to something called necrotizing enterocolitis. All US formula made it hard for him to go potty. Hipp formula has saved the day! I have received both of my orders fast and my first order was the wrong can and Peter was quick to respond! Definitely will place more orders!

"I love how simple it is to order!"
Talin E.

I love how simple it is to order from Organic Start! And in top of that earn points for purchasing and NO shipping costs. Two thumbs up for you guys! And thank you for being so efficient. Received my package within two days. My husbands got a shipping business and he love that everything is priority mailed!!

"The quick delivery time is an added bonus!"
Lindsay W.

We are using the Lebenswert stage 1 and love it! We have to supplement and love that it is the closest thing our baby can get to breast milk. We love that this formula isn't filled with all of the processed sugars and really helps minimize spitting up. The quick delivery time is an added bonus!

"If you have been researching for the best quality at the best price please stop wasting your time and just buy it already. Best quality for the best prices with super fast shipping."