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Multiples Discounts

How it Works

You have happily welcomed your newborns into the world. Unfortunately, the number one issue with multiple babies is usually insufficient amount of breastmilk. The same situation Organic Start's founder experienced firsthand with their triplets. (learn more about our founder on About Us)

With Multiples Discount here at Organic Start, we have made it easier for you to supple your multiple babies with the best alternative to breastmilk, with exclusive money-saving automatic discounts.

How to Apply

This two-step part is easy and will take about 5 minutes.

Step 1

Take a quick picture of hospital dicharge papers or a birth certificate.

Please censor any sensitive information - however this is permanently deleted after this process is complete.

Don't feel comfortable sharing this?

Alternatively you can share a picture of your multiples on Facebook or Instagram, just tag Organic Start.

Step 2

Send an email to


Send a letter to:

Organic Start, Inc.
PO 5952
Astoria, NY 11105

Lower prices will reflect automatically on all qualifying products and shopping carts once you've been approved.

It's that easy to earn additional savings!