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6 Boxes of Lebenswert Stage 2 and 6 Boxes of Lebenswert Stage 3 - Transition Kit

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MSRP: $347.88
(You save $47.89 )
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Product Description

Looking for an even larger transition kit and at much lower prices? Order direct from our International Wholesale site! From our warehouse straight to your door. Click here to shop now.

You are approaching the tenth month transition period. Your baby is growing and thriving fast and you want that to continue. We always advise to transition to the respected stage for all the added nutrients to benefit your growing baby. There is no need to make a slow or soft transition, simply make a new bottle of the next stage, and feed!

Get your second Lebenswert transition kit today! Save money and stock up with a total of 12 boxes! Ideal for parents between stage 2 and stage 3.

This is for that one time when you need both but still want a bulk discount on both items.

This transition kit comes with 6 Lebenswert Stage 2 and 6 Lebenswert Stage 3.

Find ingredients and other descriptive details of each item in their individual listings.

Refer to product labels for most recent and additional information.


Product Reviews (3 Reviews)

  • Jazmine Rubin rated this   5

    Published on Jun 23rd 2019.

    Amazing Product

    As a mom unable to produce enough milk for her kids, nothing made me feel more at ease than purchasing high quality formula made with the best ingredients, instead of the horribly made US formula. So thankful we found Lebenswert through Organic Start!

     Verified Buyer

  • Ern rated this   3

    Published on Jun 5th 2018.

    Stage 1 is still the best for my kiddo

    We have been using Stage 1 of this product for 3 months, it has been fantastic. We bought this to stage up with my sons age, he immediately had very hard constipation issues. So bad that we couldn't resolve it with additional prune juice. We had to switch back to Stage 1. I'm working to supplement with real food for additional calories and vitamins. Please note- this review is for Stage 2, not Stage 3. Due to the constipation issues with Stage 2 we have not tried Stage 3 yet.

     Verified Buyer

  • Marie rated this   5

    Published on Nov 15th 2017.

    Great formula

    My son loves this formula we switched from Enfamil and the smell and taste let alone the ingredients are far superior.

     Verified Buyer

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