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Broken / Open Box of Holle Spelt (Dinkel) Organic (Bio) Baby Rusks (Zwieback) (200g)

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Product Description

This is like our popular Damaged listings of baby formula. We were unlucky and received several damaged cereals, so our loss is your gain. These boxes are either damaged or opened, but the pouch you receive is sealed from the outside world. 100% safe and untouched. Buy at a nice discount and save!!

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This is a large box of healthy snacks for your baby of 6-months of age. It will certainly go a long way for what you purchase. This will certainly promote chewing and consume your baby for a while as it is in the high chair, or other areas where baby needs to be occupied. Parents rave about these healthy treats!

Mild tasting and easy digested, Holle Organic Baby Spelt-Rusk is perfect for the baby, either as a snack for biting and munching, helping to train jaw and chewing muscles, or for making up tasty baby rusk-cereals. Holle Organic Baby Spelt-Rusks are made from premium organic ingedients. The rusks are unsweetended und free from eggs, dairy, wheat, salt and palm oil.


Holle Organic Spelt Baby Rusks are made from premium organic ingedients. The rusks are unsweetended und free from eggs, dairy, wheat, salt and palm oil.

Please note:

Please do not allow your baby to bite on rusk unsupervised. Do not give rusk when your baby is lying down - risk of choking. Please take care to follow instructions when making up baby cereals: dosing in the right quantities will ensure your baby receives the right amount of nutrients. Always prepare fresh and throw leftovers away. Contains carbohydrates, like all cereal products. Constant contact with carbohydrate food can cause tooth decay, therefore maintain the baby's regular dental hygiene.



Ingredients / Materials

demeter Spelt flour** (83%), whole-grain spelt groats** (11 %), sunflower oil*, yeast*, vitamin B1 (added according to the law)

* from organic farming

** from biodynamic farming

Countries of origin of the main ingredients: Germany / Austria

Refer to product labels for most recent and additional information.

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