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Holle Organic Baby Porridge Cereal Collection (7 Boxes)

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Save money and try them all!

Discover your baby's new favorite porridge cereal. This collection of Holle Organic Baby Porridge Cereals is perfect for mothers and their babies.

Holle Organic Baby Porridge Cereals come in fine, readily soluble flakes and are made using whole grains. They can be prepared in a number of ways to add variety to your baby's weaning diet.

This exclusive collection includes:

  1. Holle 3-Grain (3-Korn) Organic Baby Porridge Cereal (250g)
  2. Holle Baby Muesli (Babymusli) Organic Baby Porridge Cereal (250g)
  3. Holle Rice Flakes (Reisflocken) Organic Infant Porridge Cereal (250g)
  4. Holle Oatmeal (Haferflocken) Organic Infant Porridge Cereal (250g)
  5. Holle Semolina (GrieB) Organic Infant Porridge Cereal (250g)
  6. Holle Spelt (Dinkel) Organic Infant Porridge Cereal (250g)
  7. Holle Millet with Rice (Hirse mit Reis) Organic Infant Porridge Cereal (250g)

That is a total of 7 boxes for 1 great low price plus FREE priority shipping! 

*If there is a cereal sold out, we might substitute with a different cereal at the time*


Refer to product labels for most recent and additional information.

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  • Cereal


    Posted by Adriane on Jun 25th 2019

    Unfortunately the rice cereal did not come as one of the 7 like it was supposed to,l. It states that if one of them Isn’t available they would switch it for another one. Yet, I was able to purchase the rice cereal separate so not sure why it wasn’t included in the 7.

  • The best product on the market. Great price for the bundle.


    Posted by Anastasia on Jun 22nd 2018

    My daughter's first solids. We started with oatmeal cereal. She did great, loved oatmeal and ate it very fast. Our order arrived extremely fast. Everything was packed nicely. Will be ordering more go Holle products.

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