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Infant formulas are in-stock!

Click here to shop from our European store.

When we think of the gold standard for organic formulas created in Germany, the first one that pops into our mind is Holle Organics. A trusted company that has created the healthiest and safest formula for your infants that you can trust. Finding us means you have done the research necessary and understand how important it is for your child to receive an organic formula like Holle to truly be at it's healthiest.

    • No pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
    • Only raw organic ingredients, grown using biodynamic agriculture.
    • Demeter certified farmers with rigorous standards and inspections guarantees a long term supply of only the highest quality ingredients.
    • Advanced ongoing quality control system.
    • Highest legal, safety and nutritional requirements.
    • Guaranteed to be free from genetically modified ingredients (in accordance with EU regulations).
    • No artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or sugars.