Holle Stage 2 Trial / Travel 5 Pack (5x25g)

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Holle Stage 2 Trial / Travel 5 Pack (5x25g)

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Holle Stage 2 Pouches are finally here!

These are great if you are looking at trying the formula before a switch or traveling with the formula.

Each pouch makes around 6 ounces of formula! Just mix 6 ounces of boiled water that has cooled to the contents of the pouch and try this formula.

A great source to see how your baby will react to it, or for travel.

These packs ship free first class mail, unless coupled with an order over $25, then they ship priority!

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    Great Supplement Option

    Posted by Sarah Larsen on May 3rd 2017

    I recently have started supplementing my 8 month old daughter with some formula to help keep up her nutrition needs as my supply is beginning to drop. She's been EBF up to this point, so I have been hesitant to supplement, but with her best interests in mind - am happy to have found Holle and Organic Start to make sure she's getting all the nutrition she needs. The starter pack was perfect for me to try out the product with her before committing to the entire box. She LOVES the product, finished the first bottle and looked up with a huge smile. Very pleased!

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    Okay - but not easy to use

    Posted by Alexandra Tchong on Mar 4th 2017

    These are nice, but a little complicated to use. The version I received had different instructions in the french and the german section. One section said to use 135ml (German) of water and the other 160ml (French). Based on what I use from the normal stage 2 I was able to determine the french instructions to be more accurate. Also the formula tends to spill out when you use it. I much prefer to buy the large formula boxes and use a small formula container when on the go.

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    Travel pouches are great!

    Posted by Lisa Oshinski on Aug 12th 2016

    These are great to test the product on your baby if it's the first time using this product. I also will be using when we travel as needed. The product is great!

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