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HiPP Stage 2 Combiotic Follow-on Infant Milk Formula (800g) - UK Version
HiPP Stage 2 Combiotic Follow-on Infant Milk Formula (800g) - UK Version

HiPP Stage 2 Combiotic Follow-on Infant Milk Formula (800g) - UK Version

4.9 of 5.0 based on 56 reviews. Write a Review


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Product Details

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From 6 Months Onward.

  • Gentle Organic Follow On Milk.
  • Complements a Weaning Diet.
  • Certified Organic.
  • Vitamins A, C and D for the Immune System.
  • Contains Other Added Vitamins and Minerals.
  • Iron for Normal Cognitive Development.
  • Not Suitable for Vegetarians.
  • Product of Germany.
  • HiPP Organic is Packed in a Protected Atmosphere.


Follow on Milk - An ideal complement to the weaning diet from 6 months onwards when moving from breast or infant milk feeding. 


A gentle organic follow on milk is specially formulated using only the finest organic milk and contains iron for cognitive development, vitamin A, C, D and PRÆBIOTIK® oligosaccharides (GOS), as well as other important vitamins and minerals (as required by law).


Expiration dates are far into the future. Fast turnaround & freshest products! Shipped in containers to us from Germany, no irradiation! 


Ingredients / Materials
Organic skimmed milk, organic lactose, organic vegetable oils (organic palm oil❤, organic rapeseed oil, organic sunflower oil), organic whey product, organic galacto-oligosaccharides from organic lactose, fish oil, calcium chloride, potassium citrate, calcium salts of orthophosphoric acid, calcium carbonate, L-tyrosine, L-tryptophan, sodium citrate, magnesium carbonate, vitamin C, ferrous sulphate, stabiliser lactic acid, L-cystine, niacin, zinc oxide, vitamin E, pantothenic acid, cupric sulphate, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, potassium iodate, folic acid, sodium selenate, manganese sulphate, vitamin K, vitamin D, D-biotin. ❤ from sustainable organic production

Refer to product labels for most recent and additional information.
Consult with a healthcare professional before use.

Product Reviews
(56 Reviews)
Write a Review

  • LZ rated this  
    Published on Nov 13th 2018.


    The baby is happy and the parents are pleased. Thank you for providing a natural alternative to mainstream formula. Only wish it was a little more affordable.

    Verified Buyer
  • Stella rated this  
    Published on Sep 26th 2018.


    You know, i got to give it to the Organic Start team.. They really are outstanding. For me, this review is about the speed at which you place and order and get it! i have never gotten any order as fast as my baby's milk from Organic Start. One day, i place an order right when the current supply was out and i thought, i would have to get some other milk from the store the next day.. But guess what happened the next day, my ordered milk was Organic Start was right at my front door! y'all, do not place your orders late like me, but i can assure you, You WOULD GET YA MILK!!

    Verified Buyer
  • Sarah rated this  
    Published on Sep 17th 2018.

    Stage 2

    This formula is wonderful. It doesn't foam, and it dissolves almost instantly. My little one loves it!

    Verified Buyer
  • Nory R. rated this  
    Published on Sep 5th 2018.

    Hipp Stage 2

    I just got the formula few days ago and still waiting for my baby to finish her last can of formula milk which is a different brand so I can't give a review for the formula right now but I just want to share how pleased I am with Organic Start's service. The shipping was really fast and I like their note/invoice and the package was nicely packed. Will definitely order from them again if our baby likes the formula.

    Verified Buyer
  • Isabel rated this  
    Published on Aug 1st 2018.


    Love that this formula doesn't foam up like others do, but most importantly my baby's gut is happy!

    Verified Buyer
  • Jalena rated this  
    Published on Jul 23rd 2018.

    Best ingredients

    I had to start supplementing and my baby 8 months old loves this. I feel better knowing I’m giving him ingredients that are organic and natural!

    Verified Buyer
  • Erika rated this  
    Published on Mar 17th 2018.

    Great formula

    It was an easy transition from only breastmilk to this formula for my baby. We slowly weaned her to only formula in a 2 weeks.

    Verified Buyer
  • Chandra rated this  
    Published on Mar 13th 2018.

    HIPP stage 2 formula

    Works great! My 6 month old likes it just fine as a supplement to breastfeeding

    Verified Buyer
  • DB rated this  
    Published on Mar 10th 2018.

    Always satisfied

    High quality formula and the best customer service anywhere!

    Verified Buyer