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Broken / Open Box of HiPP Stage 1 - U.K. Version (800g)

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Product Description

This listing is for the broken and opened boxes of HiPP stage 1 the U.K. Version.

It can be a rough ride sometimes from Europe to the United States and it can take a toll on some of the boxes along the way. They show up busted, torn, and not in storefront type shape for the new buyer.

We at Organic Start have created a method that is very popular locally, and we believe our loyal customers that have bought from us before and trust us will really enjoy the savings on this as well.

We are now offering a substantial discount on all broken and opened boxes here for sale. You will receive the *SEALED* pouch and the scoop included. The pouch no matter what has happened to the marketing cardboard outside is safe to consume as it is sealed from the outside world.

Stage one comes with two sealed pouches and a scoop. Each sealed pouch like those within the boxes has the name and stage you are buying, expiration date and lot number of the formula.

We can now through this sale turn a bad thing into a good thing! We can offer this discount to you through the savings we receive in shipping them to you. Since they do not have the big bulky cardboard boxing they are easier and cheaper for us to ship to you. We can fit more in a box, and pass along the savings to you the parent that needs it most!

These are in limited supply and only offered when we have damaged boxes.

They go fast so act now!


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  • open box


    Posted by Megan Johnson on Jun 16th 2019

    This is the first one I've been able to get my hands on--they are always out of stock because they are a great value and nothing is wrong with the formula or scooper. I am gradually switching my baby from an american organic gentle formula to an intact protein and have chosen HIPP. So far so good! I put each bag of Hipp into my old formula container one at a time.

  • Good product and customer service


    Posted by Courtney Kring on Mar 11th 2019

    I chose this formula because of the ingredients. I realized if I was going to have to supplement formula then why would I feed my baby junk?? So far she seems to be doing good on this formula. I was giving her similac pro sensitive and she just seemed to always have gas which would cause her to spit up a lot. Since the switch her spit up is minimal and almost nonexistent. The customer service has been excellent. I had an issue trying to track my order and they responded to my email with an answer right away (it was like within 10 min). I’ve only ordered twice so far but both orders have come on time when promised. I do like that you can purchase the “damaged” products for a discount. Which they aren’t damaged, they just don’t come in the original container. Yes the formula is more expensive then the typical brands sold in stores, but as I see it, if I’m treating myself to good food and fine dining then my baby should have that too!

  • Great formula


    Posted by Unknown on Dec 15th 2018

    Our baby loves HiPP formula and it agrees well with his body. I like that there are prebiotics in this brand. I think they help keep his bowels moving. We use this as a supplement to breastmilk.

  • Hipp UK


    Posted by Athena on Jul 11th 2018

    Great value my baby loves this formula!

  • Great value!


    Posted by Jvalenci on Feb 6th 2018

    These broken packages are a great value. There's nothing wrong with the formula - its still in its original bag packaging. Our baby has been on this formula ever since the newborn stage and she loves it. It dissolves quickly and doesn't leave a lot of excess bubbles. The only negative about these broken packages is that they're taped together very tightly. Cut it open carefully between the two bags that are taped together. Or you can repackage them in airtight containers if you have them.

  • Lebenswert formula


    Posted by Katherine Threadgill on Aug 22nd 2017

    This stuff is amazing. Seriously solved my girls spit up issues over night after switching.

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