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Milk Formula Storage Box

(16 reviews) Write a Review

Product Description

This new and improved storage box now features a leveller and a scoop holder, making the process of preparing your baby's bottle much easier. 

One sachet from any of our 800g or 600g packs fits snugly inside, and can be stored for up to three weeks.

Can be used with all brands of formula.

Plastic made in Europe and BPA free.

Refer to product labels for most recent and additional information.
Consult with a healthcare professional before use.


Product Reviews (16 Reviews)

  • Danielle Fronda rated this   1

    Published on May 27th 2018.

    Broken Box

    I bought this specifically for that little clip on the top to hold the scooper but it broke off soon after I received it.

     Verified Buyer

  • Josee Dupont rated this   5

    Published on Apr 9th 2018.

    Great container for formula

    We bought this from the get go and have been using it for 12 months to store formula. We do store the bag and don't pour the formula directly in the container. It's a perfect size, light, we take it on trip, and put it in dishwasher. Happy to have found it.

     Verified Buyer

  • Rebecca Ashberry rated this   1

    Published on Feb 28th 2018.

    Hipp Formula Container

    I purchased this product with the hope of having a safe and convenient place to store the formula, however the quality of this product is incredibly poor. The scoop holder broke the first time I tried to use it, and it's difficult to remove and replace the lid. We LOVE organic start, but this product doesn't represent the awesomeness of their company.

     Verified Buyer

  • Raisa Barbaros rated this   5

    Published on Jan 5th 2018.

    Hipp container

    I like the Hipp container, its very comfortable to use it. It is very expensive but worth to buy it once and have it for a long time.

     Verified Buyer

  • Sabrina Zareie It’s rated this   2

    Published on Dec 30th 2017.

    Milk storage box

    It’s a nice box, but absolutely not worth that price!!!!! I haven’t read it good enough. My fault. Otherwise would have never bought it for that proce if I would have realized that it is ‘just’ plastic. The formula is great though. And by the way. The same box in Germany is just around 10€ and I think even to import it, is not that much more expensive.

     Verified Buyer

  • Casse rated this   4

    Published on Sep 23rd 2017.

    Great but pricey

    Exactly what we needed to hold our bag of Lebenswert. I checked other places for a similar container but this is the only one this size I can find. Too pricey for being such a basic container. Plus is the scoop holder.

     Verified Buyer

  • Nicole rated this   1

    Published on Sep 18th 2017.


    The container arrived broken!

     Verified Buyer

  • RW rated this   5

    Published on Sep 17th 2017.

    Simple and effective formula storage

    Priced a little high for what it is but it makes formula preparation so much easier. I love the easy-open lid, the spoon storage under the lid, and the leveller. I can actually make his bottle one-handed now if I have to and am no longer dropping formula inside the box or on the kitchen counter/floor. Definitely worth the one-time purchase in my opinion.

     Verified Buyer

  • A guest rated this   4

    Published on Jul 28th 2016.

    Expensive, but convenient

    I can finally make my son a bottle one handed... So I can hold him in the other hand and prevent the full on screams as he waits for me to make his bottle. Scoop leveler, lid, and scoop all a slick to operate with one hand. Expensive, yes, but that design makes me glad I bought it. And, you only have to buy it once!

  • Maday rated this   4

    Published on Jul 22nd 2016.

    Glad I waited!

    This product has been sold out for awhile so when I saw it available I purchased immediately and I love it. I have Holle so the scoop holder does not fit because this is a HIPP product :( however the pouch fits perfect it it. The only reason the product gets 4 stars is because the holle scooper doesn't fit!

     Verified Buyer

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