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Transition Kit: HiPP Dutch stage 2 and stage 3
Transition Kit: HiPP Dutch stage 2 and stage 3

4 Tins of Stage 2 Dutch and 4 Tins of Stage 3 Dutch - Transition Kit

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Looking for an even larger and cheaper transition kit? Order direct from our wholesale site and allow us to send you more for an even better price direct from our warehouse in Holland. Click here to shop now.


You are approaching the one year transition period. Your baby is growing and thriving fast and you want that to continue. We always advise to transition to the respected stage for all the added nutrients to benefit your growing baby. There is no need to make a slow or soft transition, simply make a new bottle of the next stage, and feed!


Get your first HiPP Dutch transition kit today! Save money and stock up with a total of 8 cans! Ideal for parents between stage 2 and stage 3.


This is for that one time when you need both but still want a bulk discount on both items.


This transition kit comes with 4 HiPP Stage 2 Dutch and 4 HiPP Stage 3 Dutch.


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