HiPP Hypoallergenic (HA) Stage 1 Combiotic Infant Milk Formula (500g)

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HiPP Hypoallergenic (HA) Stage 1 Combiotic Infant Milk Formula (500g)

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Easy Preparation and Feeding Instructions for HiPP Hypoallergenic (HA) Stage 1 in English.

Suitable from birth on -  Milk HiPP 1 HA Combiotik® milk is the latest generation tailored  to the particular nutritional requirements of infants at risk of allergies.

The mechanism of formation plays a decisive role with allergy to cow milk proteins. To reduce the allergenic properties of the protein it is divided into small fragments (hydrolysed), so that the infant can tolerate them better. 

Milk HiPP 1 HA Combiotik® contains just hydrolyzed proteins, thereby infants fed HiPP 1 HA Combiotik® risk allergy is less - like breast-fed infants.

You can find stage 2 on our website for 6 months and up by clicking here.

If you are looking for a no-starch option so your baby can feed more please choose stage pre located here.

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All orders for just one box will now ship in a padded priority mail envelope and might receive some external damage. Rest assured your formula is safe in it's sealed pouch. If you don't want damage on your box please order two or more products as they ship in boxes. We must do this to keep the savings rolling on to you!

Shipped in containers to us from Germany, no irradiation!

German Labeling straight from Germany! 

  • PRAEBIOTIK® - prebiotic fiber (GOS *)
  • PROBIOTIK® - natural lactic acid bacteria, originally derived from human milk. The milk we contains a variety of probiotic bacteria - their type is an individual characteristic of every woman
  • LC PUFA ARA and DHA (long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega 3 and 6) - particularly important in the early months of life, because then the infant does not produce them itself
  • The hydrolysed (split into small fragments), protein with a high degree of hydrolysis. Thanks in formula-fed babies HiPP HA 1 Combiotik® risk of allergy is less - like breast-fed infants
  • Lactose - the only type of carbohydrate in milk HiPP 1 BIO is easy to digest milk sugar - lactose. This milk may be administered in an amount and as many as calls to child
  • Without genetically modified ingredients

If you are worried about cost, you will find that the German packages are much bigger then the American ones, and the mixing process is also much less because of the quality of the powder. You are only paying $1-3 dollars more per package depending on the brand you are comparing to. That is nothing in exchange for choosing the healthiest option for your baby.

Lactose , vegetable oils , whey protein hydrolyzate , starch, food prebiotic fibers ( GALACTO lactose ) , calcium orthophosphate , potassium chloride, emulsifier : Citric acid esters of mono and diglycerides , LCP from a mixture of oils (vegetable and fish oils) sodium hydroxide , potassium hydroxide , L- tirosinas , L- phenylalanine, vitamin C , magnesium carbonate , choline , L- tryptophan , calcium carbonate, inositol , ferrous lactate , zinc sulphate , L- carnitine, probiotic lactic acid bacteria culture , pantothenic acid vitamin A, niacin , copper sulfate, vitamin E, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, manganese sulphate , potassium iodate, folic acid , vitamin K , sodium selenate , biotin, vitamin D, vitamin B12 .
For LCP- long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids

Compare the above ingredients to any of the USA formulas, including the organic ones and you will be stunned at what you find. Here you will find no added chemicals, corn solids, corn syrups, sugars, and so much more. Keep your child healthy and feed it right today.

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    Posted by Unknown on Jan 17th 2017

    My daughter had GI issues since she was born. At first allergies were suspected. As my milk production decreased (and she continued to have bloody stools), I looked to other options for supplementation. Despite my concerns with American HA formulas, I listened to her GI doctor and put her on Similac Alimentum and eventually Neocate. She reacted poorly to Similac had a HORRIBLE reaction to Neocate. I switched her to HIPP HA and she did amazing with the formula from day 1. As I weaned her off of breastmilk and gave her more and more HIPP HA, she continued to get better and better. She has been on this formula for 4 months and is doing so well on it. It has been a lifesaver. The customer service is amazing too. I highly recommend both Organic Munchkin and HIPP HA.

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    What Spit Up?

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 17th 2016

    One of my twins was previously on Similac for spit up per doctor's recommendation. It seemed to mask the problem but after a few weeks, my son's spit up dramatically increased. We ditched Similac and put our son on Hipp Hungry Infant to reduce the amount he'd eat, thus reducing the spit up. That worked okay for a few weeks but our son began choking in his sleep as he had before Similac. I figured that although he was feeling fuller and not overeating, he was probably having a hard time digesting the extra casein in the formula.

    After some research, we decided on the hypoallergenic formula made by Hipp. After a week of being on it, our son has had very little to no spit up. He is more content, less clingy and less fussy.

    We also give this to our other twin but he doesn't care for the taste, which I don't blame him. The milk is bitter. At least he is not constipated as he was on American formulas. However, they are more gassy and their poops now smell like rotten eggs (this could be due to the switching between formulas or recent oral rotavirus protection) but I'll take that over spit up and constipation. Grateful for this formula!

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    Best formula out there!

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 17th 2016

    This formula has worked great for my daughter who has a milk allergy. Fast shipping is a plus.

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    Eased My Anxiety

    Posted by Lydia on Dec 1st 2016

    I found out my son had a milk allergy when he was two months old and immediately became anxious about what I would give him if I was unable to produce enough milk for him when he started day care and I went back to work. I also didn't want to give him American HA formula. I gave my older son Holle formula when he stopped nursing, and I was so excited to find the HiPP HA formula for my new little one. I'm happy to report that he likes it just fine and has had no allergic reaction. Thank you, Organic Munchkin!


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    Posted by Michelle on Nov 15th 2016

    I rarely ever write reviews, but wanted to share my experience with other parents that may be going through what my husband and I just went through with our 4-month old son. I have been exclusively BF'ing but am going back to work and wanted to start supplementing with formula. Our little guy is lactose/protein sensitive (I have been on an elimination diet of no dairy since he was 3 weeks old - his allergy was so bad his crying and pushing caused an umbilical hernia!). Fast forward to numerous Dr Appts later and all they would recommend is Alimentum, Nutramigen, or Neocate. We tried them all - and I couldn't get myself to feed my son such gross-smelling, poor-ingredient products. Not to mention they made him extremely constipated and gassy, bottles smelled yucky. So we went back to BF'ing... until I found HIPP HA (Stage 1). We first tried the regular infant milk, but he had only slight tummy aches (which we hope to grow him into as his GI matures). That said, we tried the Hypoallergenic formula Stage 1 and it was a GAME CHANGER... my son LOVES it - almost more than breast milk, his poops are regular (once a day), and they smell sweet like his breast milk poops, nice and yellow and seedy... just perfection! He sleeps through the night and doesn't get redness on his face, its just perfect. I have to be honest... I was nervous about giving him formula from a 3rd party website that was printed in German - but Organic Munchkin has been nothing but amazing (Peter replied to my emails quickly), shipping is so fast, and to see how well my son does on the formula pushed us over the edge and we are believers now :) I feel so good giving him something so healthy and wanted to share our positive experience in hopes that if you are going through what we did, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! I just hope it doesn't go out of stock anytime soon!

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    Didn't work for my daughter

    Posted by NNPL on Nov 9th 2016

    Shipping was great, product was as expected, dissolved easily and even looks like breastmilk! We were so hopeful that this would work for our daughter, who has dairy protein allergies. She won't drink the Neonate (amino acid based formula), plus I don't like giving her something so artificial. I gave her 3 ounces a day for two days and she immediately got a rash on her cheeks and her bum. Cleared up within a day after stopping the HIPP HA formula. So frustrating!! Glad it is working for other families.

    *Reply by Organic Munchkin**
    I'm so sorry this didn't work for you as well as it does for others. Remember though, this is not designed for dairy allergies, it is designed for protein allergies.

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    Posted by [email protected] on Oct 10th 2016

    My baby has a dairy protein & soy intolerance and this formula is wonderful for him!

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    Thankful for this product!

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 15th 2016

    My 5 1/2 month old baby suffers from a milk protein intolerance and has been exclusively breastfed until recently. I needed to start supplementing with some formula and after much thought and research, I decided to offer her Hipp HA. I was so discouraged by the ingredients in American hypoallergenic formulas and just couldn't get comfortable with the idea of feeding them to by baby. I am very thankful I found this product and website!

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    Posted by Nidhi on Aug 4th 2016

    My son has a dairy/soy allergy and we've been exclusively bf. Upon returning to work, I didn't have enough breastmilk stored up and really was not comfortable giving the hypoallergenic formulas we get here in States. Hipp HA saved us! We now supplement with this and can continue bf'ing also! It actually tastes similar to breastmilk and my son is doing great on it! Gaining weight and being healthy like a champ!

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    Great product, quick delivery

    Posted by K.W. on Jul 30th 2016

    I was using Holle Lebenswert until at 3 months my daughter started to have bloody diarrhea, and doc diagnosed her with milk protein allergy. He suggested soy formula (no way!) or Alimentum, which is a similac product with maltodexin as the first ingredient! Yikes. I was so happy to find out that HiPP made a hypoallergenic formula. As soon as we switched the blood went away. It has been one week so far and the poops get better looking each day. I had previously been ordering my formula through LWO, but now I will order through Organic Munchkin, as their shipping is quicker and more reliable, and much easier to order from.