HiPP Stage 1 Organic (Bio) Combiotic Infant Milk Formula (900g) - Dutch Version

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HiPP Stage 1 Organic (Bio) Combiotic Infant Milk Formula (900g) - Dutch Version

HiPP 1 is an organic infant formula for babies of up to 6 months, which contains a unique combination of GOS fibres, natural lactic acid bacteria, omega fatty acids and lactose for the optimal growth and development of your baby.

  • Organic ingredients from exclusive organic farming.
  • Contains lactose as the only carbohydrate.
  • No Foam / Bubbles when Mixing.
  • No Gluten or Starch.
    • Easily digestible in early stages of development.
  • No Maldodextrine or Soy Lecithin.
  • Prebiotic Fibre (GOS *) modeled on breast milk.
    • * Galactooligosaccharide - derived from lactose.
    • This prebiotic fiber support a healthy intestinal flora.
    • Mother's milk contains a variety of similar probiotic cultureswhich can be individually different.
  • Natural lactic acid cultures that were originally derived from breast milk.
  • LCP (Omega 3 & 6)
    • Essential omega fatty acids are needed for development of the brain and nerve cells.

Easy to make instructions located here.

What is different about this Netherlands HiPP?

It comes in a tin container so it makes for better storage! You also get 900g of baby formula compared to the 600g German Version and 800g UK Version! That means you save money!

Please understand these tins are not made of actual metal, and when being shipped they do have a tendency of denting easily. There is nothing we can do about this. We will not send any dented tins purposely with your order, but be advised they can dent during transit. They are though 100% safe to consume. Here is a statement by Hipp concerning the safety of a dented tin. “ All the tins are made of organic carton and do NOT carry any foil or metal parts inside the tins. Therefore there is no harm in dented tins for the milk product itself. Common sense is  when a tin is completely smashed and the milk has bin in contact with other products we would recommend not to use it (Hygienic / Food safety reasons)." If for any reason this is a problem, please order a different product in a box.


Energy 276 kJ/66 kcal.
Protein 1,4 gr.
Total Carbohydrate 7,0 gr.
Sugars 6,7 gr.
Total Fat 3,5 gr.
Saturated Fat 1,2 gr.
Trans Fat 0 gr.
Unsaturated Fat 0 gr.
Salt 0 gr.
Natrium 0,02 gr.
Fibre 0 gr.
Nutrition Facts per 100 gr.
Skimmed milk, whey, partially demineralized, vegetable oils, prebiotic fibers (galacto-ologosachariden from lactose), lactose, minerals (calcium carbonate, potassium chloride, magnesium carbonate, zinc sulfate, iron sulfate, copper-lysine complex, manganese sulfate, potassium iodate, sodium selenate), vegetable and fish oils LCP, L-tyrosine, L-fenyalalanine, vitamins (vitamin C, vitamin E, niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin A, vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin K, biotin, vitamin D, 12, L-tryptophan, stabilizer lactic acid, probiotic lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus fermentum hereditum).

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  • 5
    Amazing for my little guy

    Posted by Jennifer Miller on Feb 3rd 2017

    I have tried every brand of U.S. standard formulas available, and HiPP has been the best! My little guy has reflux so he does spit up quite regularly, but with this formula I have noticed that his stomach doesn't bother him nearly as much as it did with other formulas. I add around a teaspoon of multigrain cereal to his bottles to thicken it up so it's easier for him to keep down, but his stools are nice and yellow and he's regular. something that was not true for him while on standard U.S. formulas.

  • 4
    The best we could find

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 26th 2017

    It's ideal to feed your baby breast milk, but if that's not an option, then you' want the second best to be as healthy as possible. Here is what we liked about Hipp's formula: 1. Europeans have high standards when it comes to labeling a product organic. 2. As far as we can tell not as high sugar content as most other formulas. 3. When you shake it there is no bubbles = less air for the little ones to swallow, easier on their stomachs. 4. We like the idea of milk based formula vs. soy. One of the negatives is that it still lists some of the oils that I'd rather not feed the baby such as palm oil...

    Good quality formula combined with quick free delivery by Organic Munchkin = works for us!

  • 4
    HiPP Baby

    Posted by Yaryna on Jan 26th 2017

    We have tried various versions (German, British, and temporarily the Reflux one) of HiPP and as far as we can tell our baby likes all the same. There are slight variations between the formula. I believe that the Dutch one comes from Dutch cows... Besides that they are about the same. Besides having some of the healthiest ingredients Hipp formula also doesn't foam when you shake it to mix. This is especially important if your baby has tummy issues, as our little one does. I'm very happy that we are able to provide our baby with this formula because all of the US alternatives are far less healthy.

  • 5

    Posted by Amanda on Jan 5th 2017

    This formula has been fabulous for my daughter. She handles it wonderfully and I love knowing she is getting the best. Only wish I had known about this when my son was a baby, I'm sure we could have avoided many upset stomaches and spit ups.
    Organic Munchkin has been fabulous for the 6 months we've been ordering from them. Always super fast shipping and super helpful. You can tell they really care about your baby!

  • 5
    Newbies love HIPP

    Posted by Juli on Jan 5th 2017

    We had to find a formula for my granddaughter when nursing was no longer an option. It was a hard decision and not one my daughter and her husband took lightly. We found HIPP and felt we were giving the baby the very best. Not only was the product great but the company itself. They responded to questions promptly and as business owners ourselves they did an amazing job!

  • 5
    Great Customer Service

    Posted by Christine Feher on Jan 4th 2017

    This product is awesome, but the customer service is even better. The shipping is lightening fast and Peter is quick to respond to all inquiries. You won't be disappointed with the product or with this company!

  • 5
    Love it

    Posted by Britany on Dec 13th 2016

    Love these products my daughter was so fussy and gassy and spit up a lot from every formula I tried from the store and this is the only product she has no issues on

  • 5
    Fast shipping

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 13th 2016

    I have not used the product yet to provide a rating or that but wanted to mention how fast the formula arrived. It shipped out within the hour from ordering and I received within two day!!!

  • 5
    Love it!

    Posted by Sarah on Dec 13th 2016

    Couldn't be happier with this formula! We now need stage 2 and will stick with HIPP. I feel lucky to have found Organic Munchkin and HIPP! My little guy is thriving!

  • 5
    Dont buy this!, (so I can have it all)

    Posted by [email protected] on Dec 7th 2016

    Its the best packaging and value and of course the formula is great on my 4 months old tummy. We have had her on the European formula from the beggining and its great! I wont give her American formula unless its an absolute emergency!