HiPP Baby Soft: Baby Shampoo (200ml)

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HiPP Baby Soft: Baby Shampoo (200ml)

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No tears - no tweets

Especially skin-friendly and specifically designed for delicate children Hair: It does not sting the eyes and natural care substances protect sensitive scalp from drying out. The hair is easy to comb and a matt, silky. Also is Ideal for adults with sensitive scalp.

Without mineral oils and developed to allergy risks should be minimized.

  • With a slight scent without allergy suspected fragrances (acc. cosmetics VO)
  • Without essential oils, because some of them can cause allergies
  • No artificial colors or preservatives
  • Soap-free, mild eyes, tears freely
  • Without PEG emulsifiers
  • Without parabens
  • PH neutral

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