HiPP 2+ Years Combiotic Childrens' Milk (Kindermilch) Formula (600g)

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HiPP 2+ Years Combiotic Childrens' Milk (Kindermilch) Formula (600g)

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Infants are not small adults - that is especially true for food. Depending on the age of the child will change the need for nutrients. 
In breast milk, the fat content is very high, since the baby in the first few months many calories needed to grow quickly. During infancy, the need for energy to win the children from fat decreases. But for healthy growth, they need a lot of calcium and other vitamins and minerals. Show Recent nutritional studies, in particular, the supply of vitamin D, iron and iodine is often not ensured through the normal diet of toddlers.

HiPP Children milk Combiotik 2+ is adapted to the needs of young children in the protein and fat content and contains important growth modules that your child needs now:

  • Prebiotic fibers (GOS *) - these fiber promote daily drank a healthy intestinal flora 
    * galactooligosaccharides from lactose obtained
  • Natural lactic acid cultures
  • Iron: promotes blood formation and mental development
  • Vitamin C: essential for the immune system and to help iron absorption
  • Iodine: essential for thyroid function

For strong bones in the growth phase:

  • Calcium: important for bone formation
  • Vitamin D: important for bone health, because vitamin D helps the calcium in the bones "install"

Easy to make instructions located here.

Expiration dates are far along in the future. Fast turnaround, freshest products!

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All orders for just one box will now ship in a padded priority mail envelope and might receive some external damage. Rest assured your formula is safe in it's sealed pouch. If you don't want damage on your box please order two or more products as they ship in boxes. We must do this to keep the savings rolling on to you!

Shipped in containers to us from Germany, no irradiation!

German Labeling straight from Germany! 

A gentle  follow on milk is specially formulated using only the finest milks and contains iron for cognitive development, vitamin A,C and D and PRÆBIOTIK® oligosaccharides (GOS), as well as other important vitamins and minerals (as required by law).

    • Gluten Free
    • No added Soya
    • No added Wheat
    • No added Peanut
    • No added Milk / lactose
    • No added nut
    • No added Egg
    • No added Celery / celeriac
    • Suitable for vegetarians

If you are worried about cost, you will find that the German packages are much bigger then the American ones, and the mixing process is also much less because of the quality of the powder. You are only paying $1-3 dollars more per package depending on the brand you are comparing to. That is nothing in exchange for choosing the healthiest option for your baby.

Organic MILK , LACTOSE , vegetable oils (palm oil *, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil), dietary fiber (galactooligosaccharides from LACTOSE ), potassium citrate, calcium orthophosphates, calcium citrate, magnesium sulfate, vitamin C, iron sulfate, stabilizer LACTIC natural LACTIC CULTURE (Lactobacillus fermentum hereditum®) 1, vitamin A , vitamin e, vitamin B2, potassium iodate, biotin, vitamin D, vitamin B12. 1 Lactobacillus fermentum CECT 5716 * Palm oil from sustainable cultivation, certified by independent inspection bodies.

Compare the above ingredients to any of the USA formulas, including the organic ones and you will be stunned at what you find. Here you will find no added chemicals, corn solids, corn syrups, sugars, and so much more. Keep your child healthy and feed it right today.

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    HiPP 2+ Years Combiotic Childrens' Milk (Kindermilch) Formula

    Posted by Karma on Oct 9th 2017

    First, this company has been fantastic with their super fast delivery. I've been using this formula since my child was 8-months or so, mostly to help when traveling. Still using it for the same reason, or when my child has a cold, and I don't want to give her milk. She's never had an issue with it, and has been a great product for us.

  • 5
    Product and handling

    Posted by Satish on Apr 4th 2017

    Awesome product!!!! Even more awesome to top it off is there shipping, i have sold stuff online myself, but the way you guys ship it that quick, its just great. Sometimes i almost run out but it always arrive before i'm out.Thanks guys!!!

  • 5
    Great product but not for a two year old

    Posted by Happy parent on Apr 18th 2016

    The Formula its self is excellent, because our 6 months old loves it. From our experience, I don't recommend giving a two and a halve year old kid formula. He doesn't like it at all. I don't blame the formula at all. Because we love the product for our other little peanut.

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