Frequently Asked Questions

When do your products expire?
Most of our perishable products will have more than a year remaining of shelf life. There can be very rare instances where the expiration date is less than a year. There is nothing to be concerned of as this does not effect the quality of the products. All products are fresh and safe to consume up until the day of expiration.
Is my product expired?
Remember our products are European. Therefore dates are written as DAY-MONTH-YEAR instead of the American version MONTH-DAY-YEAR. None of the perishable products stored in our facilities are ever expired. We rotate all of our products.
What is the storage life of your milk formulas?
Once a milk formula pouch is opened it is exposed to environmental factors that can effect its quality such as humidity and temperature. To guarantee short-term freshness, use a milk formula storage box or reseal the pouch and restore it in the original cardboard packaging. Storage life varies between manufacturers. Holle and Lebenswert Milk Formulas can stay fresh for up-to 2 weeks (14 days). HiPP Milk Formulas can stay fresh for up-to 3 weeks (21 days). We recommend using a calendar or labeling on the pouches as a friendly reminder. Do not store mixed formula.
Can I prepare the milk formulas in advance?
Yes! Our formulas can be prepared in advance and refregerated for a maximum of 12 hours. Do not feed cold. Optimal drinking temperature is 98.6 F / 37 C.
How do I make my milk formula? What are the preparation instructions in English?
Each product listing on our website has a link to instructions in English. Alternatively, you may click here for a list of products and links to their instructions in English.
Is it necessary to boil the water?
Yes. The directions on our website are direct translations. We recommend you follow the directions to the letter. Boiling the water makes it safe - by killing bacteria and other contaminants that can be potentially harmful to your baby. It is also the optimal mixing temperature for the milk formula. Follow the instructions to the letter for the best results.
What is the difference between your brands?
What is the difference between HiPP UK, Germany and Dutch?
Aside from their packaging and pricing, they have minor alterations in their ingredients. You can find the differences on each product listing on our website.
How much milk formula should I order?
It all depends on your baby and feeding schedule. We recommend that you purchase a small kit to start, that way you save money and have plenty of milk formula. You can also calculate how much formula you need by adding up how much each formula box makes below.
How much milk formula does each box make?
Holle 1 & Holle Goat Milk: 90 Fluid Ounces.

Holle 2 & 3: 140 Fluid Ounces.

Lebenswert: 110 Fluid Ounces.

HiPP UK: 180 Fluid Ounces.

HiPP Germany: 150 Fluid Ounces.

HiPP Dutch: 200 Fluid Ounces.

Topfer: 140 Fluid Ounces.
What makes you so different from your competitors?
Are your products x-rayed?
No. Our products are never x-rayed.
Are your products irradiated?
No. Our products are never irradiated.
Are your milk formulas FDA approved?
They are neither approved or disapproved. They have never been considered for approval. The United States Government sponsors only American brands in its hospitals and stores. Introducing international competition would not be beneficial for the American companies, despite our brands being established many years earlier.
Are your milk formulas USDA organic?
The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) have very low standards. European Food Standards Authority (EFSA) is far superior. For example, the USDA has yet to acknowledge 3-MCPD as a hazardous substance linked to cancer, while Europe has already reduced or eliminated it entirely. It could still be actively used in American formulas! Same applies for GMOs and sweeteners.
Why are your formulas better than American ones?
Never trust anything with a variation that is not organic. Our organic formulas are made from grass fed cows' milk. These cows are not treated with hormones/antibiotics and live a cage-free life which aids in healthier milk production. These formulas do not contain harmful ingredients found in most brands of baby formula. They do not contain added fluoride, corn/rice syrup, chemical additives, GMOs, added sugars, DHA/ARA*, preservatives, added colors and soya. A simple comparison of the ingredients will shock and alarm you.
Does your formula have 3-MCPD like American ones?
To comply with the European Standards, our milk formulas contain little to no 3-MCPD unlike American formulas. The levels of 3-MCPD were deemed as safe in Europe however America does not limit the amount of 3-MCPD in foods. Click here to read all about it.
What is the best / most popular milk formula?
Lebenswert is our best seller however all of the formulas listed on our site have passed quality tests and are considered the best in the world. There really isn't a good, bad or best one. It all depends on what you are prefer for your baby.
What does Stage "PRE" mean?
Stages marked as "PRE" should not be confused with Premie or Preterm Birth. These milk formulas normally contain no starch so you are able to feed more to your baby on a 3 hour schedule. These still can be used for several months after birth. Always check with your Neonatologist (Newborn Infant Doctor).
Can I move up or down in the stages?
While many of the Stage 1 are created so they can be used for an entire year, they do lack certain Iron and Protein levels. We always advise that parents choose to move up the steps as a growing baby needs. Please note there is not that much difference in the later stages that it would warrant an exact switch on a certain month. You can move forward or behind several weeks or even a month.
Where is my shipment? When will it ship?
All orders placed before 3 PM EST on Monday through Friday and before 2 PM EST on Saturday will ship the same day. All other orders are prepared and shipped the following business day. Orders are prepared but do not ship during publicly observed holidays in the United States.

When a order is packed and ready to ship you will be notified with a tracking number. Tracking may not be active immediately. When a package is checked into the local facility, tracking begins.

In some cases, larger orders are shipped using FedEx Ground. Those packages may take an additional day or two to arrive. We do this to make sure these larger orders are handled with care.

Visit our Shipping & Returns page for more information.
Can I return my order?
Unfortunately we do not accept returns at this time. We do this because most of our products are perishable. We must protect the integrity of our inventory for our customers.

Please contact us if you are having any problems, we may be able to help.

Visit our Shipping & Returns page for more information.
My box arrived open / damaged, is it safe?
It sure is! Sometimes it can be a rough ride to your destination and a box might be damaged. This is simply a cosmetic damage. The formula is safe and secure in it’s sealed pouch. You can even test it in water.
How does the loyalty program work? Where are more points? How can I redeem?
Click here to read more about our loyalty program.
To access the Loyalty Program:
  1. Log into your Organic Start account.
  2. Click on the Rewards Dashboard on the top of the page.
  3. Access your balances and redeem your points.
I received the wrong order!
We are human and mistakes happen. We sincerely apologize about this and will make every effort to handle this appropriately. Click here to contact us.