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"My Baby Has An Organic Start" white bodysuit
"My Baby Has An Organic Start" white bodysuit

Short-Sleeve Bodysuit

5.0 of 5.0 based on 1 review.


Ships for FREE with orders over $25 on the next business day.

Product Details

  • This soft comfortable one piece bodysuit for newborns is made from 100% cotton.
  • Help spread the love and educate other parents on the amazing products Organic Start has to offer!

For every bodysuit sold, Organic Start will donate $1 to the Organic Start Foundation, a new developing charity. More information coming soon!

Ingredients / Materials
100% cotton.

Refer to product labels for most recent and additional information.

Product Reviews (1 Review)

  • Kelly rated this  
    Published on Oct 9th 2018.

    Cute shirt

    This cute shirt is well made and adorable. My 7 month old fits in this shirt now. However I would say it fits like a Carter's 9month old shirt for size reference.

    Verified Buyer