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Mitteez organic teething mitten, Pink pea bear
Removable wrist wrap and mitten
Baby teething on mitten
Mitteez packaging
Mitteez organic teething mitten, Pink pea bear
Removable wrist wrap and mitten
Baby teething on mitten
Mitteez packaging

Organic Teething Mitten: Pea Bear (Pink)

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Product Details

  • created specifically for the first stage of teething (0-8 months)
  • drool management with the absorbing organic cotton terrycloth mitty
  • prevents thumb sucking
  • developmental and sensory benefits with the crinkle ruff and rattle
  • anti-bacterial mitty and hygienically friendly, easy to sanitize
  • ECO-FRIENDLY, safe food-grade silicone, BPA & Phthalate-free teether

An award-winning, organic, developmental and protective teething mitty which is designed specifically for babies first stages of early teething. This premium product is handmade, safe, lightweight and absolutely adorable. Made from high-quality bamboo and certified organic cotton terrycloth which is excellent for the drooling teething baby! The teether is 100% non-toxic, made from food grade safe silicone. Invented and created by a mother to ensure safety and functionality so it’s simple to use anywhere. Offering relief to your little one while teething, and keeping from dropping to the ground. Easy sanitization, as Mitteez created a removable teething mitty which is parent and baby-friendly. Medically endorsed as the #1 safest teething mitty.

Your baby will love the removable and adjustable character wrist wrap “Pea Bear” rattle toy as it provides fun sensory and can be worn up to 3 years of age! MITTEEZ® is an excellent keepsake for your baby!

Ingredients / Materials

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