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Mambino Organics: Baby Arrival Essential-Baby Care Kit (4 Pieces)

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Product Description

  • Little Bottoms Diaper Balm ~ 18 g / .63 oz. This highly effective, 100% natural balm is specially formulated for delicate baby's skin that suffers from diaper rash and prickly heat. What Happens: it keeps baby dry and comfortable by creating a moisture repellent barrier.
  • Little Bottoms Diaper Area Wash ~ 60 ml / 2 fl oz. For each diaper change with soothing chamomile, calendula and refreshing lavender, without any chemicals found in wet wipes. What Happens: cleans, moisturizes, refreshes.\
  • Happy Baby Soothing Stick ~ 18 g / .63 oz. Excellent as boo boo stick for drool rash, itches and irritated skin. For face and body. 
  • Daily Essential Face + Body Lotion ~ This refreshing and fast absorbing lotion helps soothe and hydrate delicate skin from head-to-toe with gentle healing botanicals. For infants, kids and sensitive adults.


 Our Mambino Organics baby line is specially formulated to allow the skin to build immunity naturally, while nourishing, soothing and protecting your baby's skin. Your little one deserves the best natural care from day one by using truly organic and 100% natural baby care products. This way your bundle of joy is less likely to have an allergic reaction because of the plant based ingredients that are used!

 Mambino Organics products are proudly free of all the yucky stuff, only organic, hypoallergenic and pediatrician approved 100% natural ingredients! This perfect baby shower gift set includes all the skin loving essentials to cleanse, nourish and protect a newborn's delicate skin from day one, and is a must have for every baby.


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