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12 Holle Apple & Strawberry Pouches
Apple & Strawberry
Apple & Strawberry
12 Holle Apple & Strawberry Pouches
Apple & Strawberry
Apple & Strawberry

Holle Organic Puree: 12 Pack of Red Bee - Apple & Strawberry (8M) (100g)

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MSRP: $35.88
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Product Details

Can be refrigerated up to 2 days after opening.

Keep screw cap out of reach of children.

Buy this 12-Pack and save more!

Fine purée made from 100% fruit of Demeter quality, suitable for all ages. Ideal as a snack between meals or on the go.

  • Resealable pouches: ideal as a snack, easy to use.
  • Use a spoon to feed the purée to younger children.
  • Pure fruit without any additives.
  • Unsweetened and finely puréed.

Ingredients / Materials

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