Earth Mama Organics: A Little Something for Baby- Organic Start

Earth Mama Organics: A Little Something For Baby Bundle (5 pcs)

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Product Description

  • A Perfect Welcome Gift For a perfect gift from heaven!
  • Top to bottom, cheeks to cheeks, the purest 100% natural baby comfort care, made with love.
  • Set Includes:
    • Angle Baby Shampoo & Body Wash
    • Angel Baby Lotion
    • Angle Baby Bottom Balm
    • Angel Baby Oil


A Little Something For Baby

You wouldn't put toxins on your baby, and neither would we. Just pure, natural, zero toxin essential for a pure, natural baby.


Angle Baby Shampoo &  Body Wash (1.67 fl. oz.)Pure Vanilla Orange castile Calendula soap


Angle Baby Lotion (2 fl. oz.): Yummy, organic Orange Vanilla lotion. No artificial preservatives, dyes or fragrances. Just pure, safe lotion for your pure, organic baby!


Angle Baby Bottom Balm (1 fl. oz.): Naturally pure, non-sticky, zinc-free diaper & boo-boo balm. Clinically tested, hospital recommended Angel Baby Bottom Balm is gentle on bottoms, tough on diaper rash, minor burns, scrapes and thrush. With safe healing, organic oils and herbs, it's "first-aid-in a jar" for the whole family.


Angel Baby Oil (1. fl. oz.): Perfect for infant massage, non nut oils, virtually scent-free. Light, easily absorbable oil for baby's delicate skin, fragrance free for sensitive noses. Infused with organic chamomile and calendula, perfect for infant massage, dry skin and cradle cap.


Mama says... "Unlike peaches, babies can't be spoiled. They are perfect, in-the-moment beings who know when they are hungry, tired or need to be held. Trust them to tell you what they need. There's no such thing as too much love."


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