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Affiliate Program




The Organic Start Affiliate Program is a great way to earn commission by referring other parents to explore our products! 




Our mission is to help families find the best healthy and nutritional options for their children. With hundreds of thousands of unique customers monthly, Organic Start is the nation’s #1 online retailer of the world’s best European organic baby formula. Our affiliate program is a simple way for you to use our incredible service and vast library of content in order to make extra earnings on your own time. 


Join today and start earning commission on sales you refer to Organic Start. 







Any channel is a perfect opportunity to grow while also helping others discover Organic Start.


  • Post on social media sites (product reviews, tutorials, vlogs, etc.)

  • Share our company and/or products with online forums, groups, blogs, testimonials, review sites

  • Send to friends and family 






As an Organic Start affiliate, 

you can monitor your performance through our 

advanced tracking, reporting and payment tools.








Frequently Asked Questions

What is an affiliate program?
Affiliate Marketing is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays a commission to an external source for traffic or sales generated from its referrals. It is a performance-based advertising program in which online publishers, or affiliates, can earn a commission on orders submitted by customers they refer to us. They can do this by creatively integrating products or content into their site through blogs, product reviews, banner advertisements, etc.
How does an affiliate program work?
After you create an affiliate account, you may use a custom generated link to refer visitors to our website. When someone clicks through to our website via these links, they are tracked for a few days until they place an order. When an order is placed by such a visitor, the order is associated with your account as the referring source and your affiliate account is credited a commission for the order. So the more visitors you refer and the more of those visitors who convert into customers - the more you get paid!
How does the tracking work?
The tracking process is simple. Once someone clicks the custom generated affiliate link from you account, a tracking "cookie" is planted on their computer. When that same visitor completes a purchase on our website, the cookie notifies our system and a commission is applied to that affiliate's account. The cookie exists on that user's computer for a few days, so the purchase does not have to be completed in the same visit.
How long does a visitor have to make a purchase?
Each visitor that was referred through an affiliate link has only a few days to complete a purchase. Otherwise the cookie will automatically delete from the visitor's computer and the affiliate account won't be credited.
What are the commission rates?
Each account has a different commission rate. They are determined based on account performance.
Who can become an affiliate?
Anyone! Most of our affiliates own popular websites or blogs. If you're looking to only share through social media with friends and family, we recommend using our loyalty points rewards program. Click here to open the rewards dashboard.
How do I become an affiliate?
Click here to create an affiliate account. The process is fast and easy!
What is required to become an affiliate?
Just an email and a password! Everything else on the form is optional. No personal information is necessary but it helps your account profile with us.
Are there any fees or costs with becoming an affiliate?
No, there are no charges to join our affiliate program. It is free to sign up.
Can I use graphics and content from the website?
The entire website and content are protected by copyright. You may use images and content from our website in the promotion of our products, however all images must be used in the sale of the product through the affiliate program and attributed to us. If you have a special circumstance that requires the use of any graphics, product images or content in a manner that is not consistent with the above, you must contact us for written approval prior to use of any such content. Click here to contact us.
What is prohibited?
We ask that you do not use our affiliate program in any inappropriate content. We determine what is appropriate and inappropriate on a per-case basis. We may terminate an account at anytime without payout and without notice.
Can anyone use or share my affiliate link?
Yes, anyone who does not have an affiliate account may use and share another affiliate link. We cannot merge or separate referral commissions on accounts. You may use your affiliate link however you like.
How does the payout work?
When an affiliate account has reached the minimum payout amount of $100.00 USD in comissions, a payout may be requested at anytime. The payout can be redeemed via PayPal or check.
Who do I contact with more questions?
You may use our general contact with any further questions. Click here to contact us.