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About Us

About Us


It all began after our founders Peter and Pennie proudly became parents of triplets. Their newborns were constantly fussy, colicky, sleeping uncomfortably - all in all, basically unhappy babies. Being healthy, diet aware parents themselves, Peter decided to start research on the formulas they were feeding their babies. What they discovered was astonishing! The ingredients (in formulas which are made in the United States) were something an adult should not consume themselves, let alone a one month old baby!  

They scoured the internet for the healthiest alternative but struggled to find a solution. Almost every so-called top “organic” formula was full of hidden ingredients. “Why would we ever feed our children anything with ingredients not even close to organic?”

After looking everywhere to try and find a reliable source sold in the U.S., they stumbled upon certain brands of European formula that were highly recommended and praised by parents online. They imported a couple boxes of formula and fed it to their triplets. What happened next was a miracle. They were no longer colicky but also content and slept straight through each night! Happy, peaceful and joyful - the way babies should be. They called it their “miracle formula” - a potion of happiness!

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We are sure you’re here for the same reasons and can happily tell you the wait is over. Your baby will begin to shine and the happiness that comes from this will allow you to finally focus in a more positive, stress-free way! Watch and grow with us, as we add more products that also reach the same high quality standards we have set here at Organic Start.



  • Over 900+ 5-star reviews from real like-minded parents. Click to read a few.

  • Trusted and reliable American marketplace with a knowledgeable team.

  •  The largest selection of organic European baby formula in the US.

  • Imported bulk straight from manufacturers in Europe - Irradiation FREE!

  • European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) certified organic.

  • Guaranteed genuine products.

  • All formulas and products are stored in a clean and climate controlled environment.

  • Rotated inventory with maximum shelf-life. Always the freshest boxes!



Our pricing is always fair and we continue to grow and improve for you - to bring

you better customer service and a better shopping experience.

You won’t have to worry about ordering from suspicious companies or third-party sellers. 




All orders are shipped directly from our warehouses in New York and Las Vegas!

All formulas are shipped bulk to our United States warehouses directly from Europe. Each warehouse then processes and ships hundreds of orders daily, making sure every order is received on time.



Organic Start's first warehouse location! Shipping to all our organic parents on the east coast.

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Introducing our Las Vegas warehouse!
Now shipping even faster to the west coast! Our new Las Vegas warehouse is triple the size of our NY warehouse to hold more inventory; improving reliability of our most popular products.
Many areas in California, Nevada and Arizona receive orders in 1 day! We're always finding new ways to improve and provide a better service to our parents.
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 Our family has always been in the importing business and we know how to handle your products. Look no further as you have already found the best!

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E: [email protected]

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