About Us

About Us

We started this business after being parents ourselves. Our babies (we had triplets!!) were constantly colicky, fussy, not sleeping comfortably and basically not very happy babies! Being healthy parents ourselves and always being aware of our diets, we decided to research the US baby formulas that we were giving our children. What we found was astonishing! The ingredients were something we would not consume ourselves, let alone a 1 month old baby! There were numerous ingredients we did not approve of, especially the added sweeteners! We scoured the internet for the healthiest alternative but couldn't find anything. Even the so called "organic" formulas were full of horrible ingredients. Why would we ever feed our children anything that has a variation that is not organic? We found that certain brands of European formula was highly recommended and praised by parents online. We searched everywhere for a reliable American source but none could be found. We imported a small batch and fed our babies. What happened next was a gift from the heavens. They were comfortable, no longer colicky and sleeping straight through the night! They were happy, peaceful and joyful, the way babies should be. We called it our miracle formula - our potion of happiness!

Here is a great article that was written about our founders: Click Here to Read.

We are sure you are here for the same reasons and we can happily tell you the wait is over! Your baby will begin to shine and the happiness that comes from this all will allow you to finally concentrate on more important things! We made it our mission to educate, help, and offer these products not available in the US to others! While offering these German formulas to you, we started doing research in other markets as well. Watch us grow as we add other products that also reach the same high standards we have set here at OrganicStart.com

Stay tuned for an exciting time this coming year.

Why We Are The Best check.jpg Over 300 5-star reviews from real like-minded parents. Click here to read a few.
check.jpg Trusted & Reliable American Marketplace with the Most Knowledgeable Team.
check.jpg The Largest Selections of Organic European Infant Milk Formula in America.
check.jpg Stored in a Clean and Climate Controlled Environment. Over 5,000 SQ Ft to better serve you!
check.jpg Rotated Inventory with Maximum Shelf-Life. Always the Freshest Boxes!
check.jpg Imported in Large Quantities (Pallets / Containers) Straight from Manufacturers in Europe - Irradiation FREE!
check.jpg Guaranteed Genuine / Authentic Products.
check.jpg Certified Organic Products. European Standard is superior than American Standard in Organic Agriculture.
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check.jpgBulk Pricing & Express Shipping Available.

You have already made the right choice in choosing the best baby formula, now choose the best seller.

You can find it cheaper buying directly from some German sites, even fake American sites (contact the company and ask about their origin), but do you really know anything about these sellers? Are they real? Can they be trusted? Where is it stored? How is it shipped? We have heard many reports of fake variations and even scams.

Even sellers on eBay can't be trusted. These small sellers operate from their garages and basements. Who knows what you could be getting and giving to your baby.

Our pricing is always fair and we continue to grow and improve for you - to bring you a better customer service and shopping experience.

Are these formulas USDA Organic?

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) have different standards. European Food Standards Authority (EFSA) is very diligent in their standards. For example, the USDA has yet to acknowledge 3-MCPD as a hazardous substance linked to cancer, while Europe has already reduced or eliminated it entirely. It could still be actively used in American formulas! Same applies for GMOs and sweeteners.

Are these formulas FDA approved?

They are neither FDA approved or disapproved. The companies have not been up for FDA approval, as they are sold in Europe and cannot make enough to feed the American population and still keep their organic standards.

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No one is more legitimate or faster than us....

We process hundreds of orders per day accurately...

We deliver directly from European Manufacturers by air & sea...

Our warehouse is always full. Don't ever worry about running out for your baby..

Aside from being fast and reliable we have a spotless facility that is sparkling clean.

Our family has always been in the importing business and we know how to handle your products.

Look no further as you have already found the best!

We hope we made your life as a parent a lot easier!


Introducing our Las Vegas Warehouse!

Now shipping even faster to the west coast! Our new Las Vegas Warehouse is triple the size to hold more inventory, improving reliability of our most popular products.

Parts of California, Nevada and Arizona receive orders in 1 day! We're always finding new ways to move forward and provide a better service to our parents!