8 Pack of HiPP Stage 3 Organic (Bio) Combiotic Growth Milk Formula (900g) - Dutch Version

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8 Pack of HiPP Stage 3 Organic (Bio) Combiotic Growth Milk Formula (900g) - Dutch Version

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Update 2/14: Sold Out! Limited supplies due to customs imports regulations. Please purchase a smaller quantity from our site until this listing replenishes. We want all parents to be able to have the formulas they love from  a trusted source.

HiPP 3 is a standard growth milk that has been entirely tailored to meet the specific nutritional requirements of infants from 12 months upwards and contains a unique combination of GOS fibres, natural lactic acid bacteria, omega 3, iron and vitamin D.

Easy to make instructions located here.

What is different about this Netherlands HiPP?

It comes in a tin container so it makes for better storage! You also get 900g of baby formula compared to the 600g German Version and 800g UK Version! That means you save money!

Please understand these tins are not made of actual metal, and when being shipped they do have a tendency of denting easily. There is nothing we can do about this. We will not send any dented tins purposely with your order, but be advised they can dent during transit. They are though 100% safe to consume. Here is a statement by Hipp concerning the safety of a dented tin. “ All the tins are made of organic carton and do NOT carry any foil or metal parts inside the tins. Therefore there is no harm in dented tins for the milk product itself. Common sense is  when a tin is completely smashed and the milk has bin in contact with other products we would recommend not to use it (Hygienic / Food safety reasons)." If for any reason this is a problem, please order a different product in a box.


Energy 275 kJ/66 kcal.
Protein 1,4 gr.
Total Carbohydrate 8,0 gr.
Sugars 7,8 gr.
Total Fat 3,0 gr.
Saturated Fat 1,2 gr.
Trans Fat 0 gr.
Unsaturated Fat 0 gr.
Salt 0 gr.
Natrium 0,02 gr.
Fibre 0 gr.
Nutrition Facts per 100 gr.
Skim milk, lactose , vegetable oils (palm oil , rapeseed oil, sunflower oil ), vegetable oils, dietary fiber ( galactooligosacchariden from lactose) , emulsifier soya lecithin, minerals ( calcium carbonate , potassium citrate, skimmed milk , lactose, vegetable oils , prebiotic fibers ( galacto - oligosaccharides from lactose ) , emulsifier soya lecithin , minerals (calcium carbonate , potassium citrate , sodium citrate , magnesium carbonate , calcium orthophosphate , iron sulphate , zinc oxide , copper sulphate , potassium iodide , manganese sulphate , sodium selenate ) , bourbon vanilla extract , vitamins ( vitamin C , vitamin E , niacin , pantothenic acid , vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin D , vitamin B6, folic acid , vitamin B2, vitamin K , biotin, vitamin B12) , L- tryptophan , lactic acid , stabilizer , natural lactic acid bacteria ( Lactobacillus fermentum hereditumĀ® 1 ) , and L - cystine