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Loulouka stage 1, 6 Boxes
Palm Oil Free
Loulouka stage 1, 6 Boxes
Palm Oil Free

6 Tins of Loulouka Stage 1 Organic (Bio) Infant Milk Formula (900g) - LouLou Trial Kit

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Product Details

Loulouka was created by parents for parents. Taking what already works and making it even better. Using the top milk sources in the world, eliminating palm oil, and working with full swiss milk, this is what babies deserve. When you can't breast feed. Loulouka should be your top choice.


Loulouka is a well-balanced baby formula made only from the finest essential ingredients and organic cows' milk sourced in Switzerland, designed for your baby's complex needs. Developed over years by a team with more than a decade of experience in the industry, these high-quality formulas are some of the best for your little one. From birth, babies need very specific vitamins, fats and minerals. Through a highly selective due diligence process, only the best ingredients and sources met rigorous standards and are chosen for use. 


Loulouka redefines all standards. Babies need a high-fat diet to promote growth and brain development. Coconut oil is a concentrated source of calories and fat, better for babies than palm oil. Years of research proves that coconut oil supports increased absorption of essential fat. Loulouka made an important step and substituted palm oil with traditional coconut oil.


  • Suitable from birth onward.
  • European Union Certified Organic.
  • Made in Switzerland with organic whole cow milk.
  • Contains DHA
  • No palm oil - substituted with coconut oil for better fat and calcium absorption.
  • Whey proteins are less likely to trigger an allergy.
  • No GMOs or added sweeteners, colors or preservatives.
  • No soy, maltodextrin, nuts or eggs added.
  • Sunflower Lecithin


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Ingredients / Materials
Skimmed milk °, demineralized whey powder °, vegetable oil ° (sunflower oil, coconut oil, rapeseed oil), lactose °, galacto-oligosaccharides ° (GOS from lactose), minerals (calcium chloride, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, calcium phosphate, calcium citrate, zinc sulfate, sodium selenate, manganese sulfate, potassium iodate, potassium hydroxide, copper sulfate, iron sulfate), emulsifier (sunflower lecithin °), refined fish oil, choline bitartrate, vitamins (C, E, A, D, B3, B5, biotin, B12, K, folic acid, B1, B6, B2 ), L-tyrosine, L-tryptophan, inositol, antioxidant (tocopherol-rich extract), L-cysteine, L-carnitine. º raw material from controlled organic production (º EU Bio) º Not suitable for vegetarians

Refer to product labels for most recent and additional information.
Consult with a healthcare professional before use.

Product Reviews
(1 Review)
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  • Arik rated this  
    Published on Jun 29th 2019.

    So Far So Good.

    1. The company Organic Start offers really good customer service. They email back in a fashionable manner. They answer questions and actually make sense.
    2. Formula wasn't in our picture of how to feed our newborn. But when our donor milk ran low we knew we wanted something organic, grassfed, friendly, good quality and good healthy fats such as coconut. We want to supplement our newborn as well as we supplement ourselves.
    3. Loulouka is the only milk we've tried so I can't base my review to others. But our newborn took it easy. Minimal burping. Easy to prepare.

    Verified Buyer